Top ten benefits of strength training

Improved posture: regular resistance training strengthens the muscles used in proper posture.

Better balance: by working all muscle groups we become more balanced.

Increased oxygen intake: improved clarity and cellular function are a benefit of more oxygen in your system.

Improved immune system function: when we strengthen our overall body we remove toxins which can have a positive effect on our immune system.

Stronger insulin reactions: Using our muscles more can increase the ability for glucose to be removed from the bloodstream which can reduce the amount of insulin needed in the bloodstream.

May reduce cancer risk: some studies have shown that frequent exercise can reduce the risks of some cancers.

Reduce stress: studies have shown that regular exercise can reduce or eliminate stress

Will prepare us for a healthier future: as we age we lose muscle and bone strength. Strength training can help us manage and even combat this loss.

Can reduce or eliminate depression: strength training and exercising will give us something different to think about. The increased oxygen intake will help clear our mind of the clutter that weighs us down.

May increase libido: enough said.

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