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My journey into the vigorous lifestyle started on March 23, 2004 when I was delivered from the habit of cigarette smoking. It was truly Divine intervention but that is another story for another time.

Once I was set free from that bondage, I made several lifestyle changes to incorporate the cleansing of my body. I stopped eating fast food, started walking outside and inside on an elliptical (I was determined not to gain weight because of stopping smoking), and started reading “The Makers Diet” by Jordan Rubin. This was an eye-opening read!

A few years went by where I was a sponge learning all I could about how to really take care of myself. In 2009 the door opened to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition distance learning program where I learned many different dietary theories and how to listen to my body. I enrolled and a year later Vigorous Choices was born.

After working with a few clients in the health coaching arena I decided to add the personal trainer certification to my tool belt. A year after that I became a licensed massage therapist since I wanted my practice to be truly holistic and well rounded.

My endeavor for the last year has been expanding my health coaching skills to include the functional aspect that many functional medicine doctors use.

We all have our own Herstory or History which has made us what we are and brought us to this point in our life. I take the time with individuals to work through their story so we may uncover the many roots to the present-day symptoms and/or areas of concern. This is a journey I take with you; supporting, encouraging, and uncovering all the way. We did not get this way overnight, and there is no quick fix or pill that can resolve our challenges immediately. Together we can accomplish much and move the mountains blocking us from becoming our best self.

Cheers to Great Health Starting Now!!

Changing the way we do HealthCare together!

Digestive Intensive Certification

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