10 Steps to Healthy & Happy living

  1. Stop trying to be perfect. One definition for perfect is: being without defect or blemish. C’mon … we all have a blemish somewhere unless we live in a bubble! Another definition of perfect is: lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of it’s nature or kind. Now I kinda like this definition. We are all whole human beings (at least I have not met anyone that wasn’t) and we are complete in nature. The less we concentrate on trying to be what the world calls perfect the more we become our true selves in nature, which is perfect.
  2. Be happy and satisfied with who you are and what you have. We were all created different and we need to celebrate our differences! Some of us have blue eyes, black hair, some short, some tall, some lean, some not so lean, some construction workers, bankers, doctors, factory workers, and some are looking for their career. We all have unique gifts that contribute to the whole world and we should be happy about that.
  3. Be grateful for all things. Everything happens for a reason and the more we recognize the good in things the better we will be in getting through the tough things. When we express gratitude stress seems to just slip away from our mind and our body. A thank you and a smile go a long way!
  4. Help others. Since we don’t have all the same talents and gifts it can be very satisfying to help others that may need a talent you have. We do not have to wait for a tragedy to help others… carrying someone’s groceries or just telling somebody they have a beautiful smile is a way of helping others that can be done everyday.
  5. Eat living things. The more we incorporate fresh, raw foods into our diet the more nutrients and energy will be entering our body. Go to your local farmer’s market to get some of the freshest produce available. Start your own garden… you do not need an acre of land… just a little dirt, seeds, container, water, and some sun. If you are not sure what living things are (or were) or whole foods then just think, if I left this out on the counter for a month… will it rot. What I try to do is eat a rainbow at every meal. Sorry, green, yellow, blue, & red M&M’s do not count.
  6. Take time for yourself. Self care is vital to our health. We work so hard taking care of and pleasing others that we can totally forget about the one that matters the most; You!! Take an hour for yourself each day. This can be exercising, meditating or praying, getting a massage, shopping, taking a bath, or whatever you like to do for You.
  7. Get some SUN on your skin. Contrary to popular belief, we need have some of our skin exposed to the sun each day in order to help our bodies make the vitamin D it needs. New studies are finding vitamin D deficiency can contribute to several illnesses. If we can get 10-15 minutes a day of sun exposure it will greatly increase our vitamin D levels. The fresh air will also benefit your body. As with all good things, too much can be harmful. Hours in the sun and getting a sunburn are not what we are talking about here.
  8. Drink plenty of clean water. Our bodies are approximately 70% water. The world is over 70% water. I think in order to be balanced in the world we need to get our daily water intake. Considering we are all bio-individuals I like to use this rule: divide your body weight in half and drink this number of ounces of water per day. Caution: urination may increase!
  9. Do some form of exercise daily. We were created to move. Our ancestors were nomads so walking seems to me like the best form of movement. Any extra movement we can incorporate into our daily routine will benefit our bodies greatly. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away from the entrance, taking deep breathes in through our nose, or stretching are all things we can do daily. This however, does not replace a regular exercise routine which is most beneficial for our health and well being.
  10. Meditate or pray daily. Meditation and prayer quiet the mind and nourish the body and soul. New research comes out daily on how both of these common, ancient practices can heal our bodies. I have recently been experiencing the benefits of meditation with the most important  benefit being less stress. The mind-body connection is truly amazing!
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