It’s Time to Drop the Bottle!

Do you drink plenty of water? It is beneficial for us to drink suficient amounts of water each day but we may be harming the environment in the process. Drinking the purest water we can get our hands on is best fo us. Unfortunately many of us have been mislead by the large corporations that tell us bottled water is pure, clean, and better than tap water. I too fell into this trap until I started investigating and researching the bottled water explosion. Most of the water used to fill the multitude of brands is just plain filtered tap water, the same thing we can get from our tap to filter for free. Companies are making a fortune off tap water by charging a lot of money for well marketed and designed plastic bottles. Not only are we being ripped off by the big corporations but we are trashing the environment with all of these plastic bottles that seldom make it to the recycle area. When we use a plastic bottle we are also supporting the US oil addiction considering it takes ~47 million gallons of oil each year to produce the bottles. I thought I was making a minimal environmental impact when I dediced to buy just one bottle of water and refill that bottle everyday. Then I discovered the chemicals used to form all these cute little bottles is leaching into the water….not only once but each time I use the bottle! Yes, I know it is conveinient to just go pick up a bottle of water to take with you wherever you may go. We have been damaging our health and trashing our environment in the name of conveinience! So, how do we get away from this toxic mess? First we must filter our home water to remove the chemicals if you are on city water or the sediment if you are on well water. Next we should invest in some good containers to hold this water. If you opt to purchase a plastic bottle make sure it is BPA Free, or metal..make sure it is stainless steel. I located a company that sells a couple different sizes of glass water bottles. These bottles are easy to clean and the tops are well constructed. We have options other than the environmentally destructive ones offered by large food corporations. Let’s exercise these options and take back our health and the environment at the same time.

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