Bison, the “other” red meat

Have you ever had Bison? Or as some people call it Buffalo? Bison is a lean red meat that has less fat per gram than chicken and fewer calories. This delicious meat is an excellent source of protein with more iron and less cholesterol then chicken or salmon. The National Bison Association can answer a lot of questions you may have. My partner and I have always eaten pature raised hormone free beef and loved it until we tried bison. We have not had beef since we started eating bison over two months ago. The superb flavor this meat has cannot be topped. We can split one bison steak and be full where we would eat our own beef steak before we were satisfied.  These animals are not on CAFO’s (concentrated animal feeding operation) like most of today’s meat. They are actually raised in a natural environment where they are free to roam and eat normal diets. Bison is also a good source of some of the essential fatty acids needed for human well-being. Locating this healthy meat is not as difficult as you may think. We are fortunate because there is a farm in Roxboro, NC that has a booth at the Durham farmer’s market as well as ordering online. Sunset Ridge Farm. Another farm located in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of western NC has meat available. Carolina Bison.   You do not need to eat a steak in order to enjoy this delicious meat. The groud bison makes a mighty scrumptious burger and this can be found in most grocery stores. Give this healthy red meat a try….if you like meat. If not…portabella mushrooms are quite tasty and filling but that’s another post.  🙂

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