Top five reasons why we should try meditation

I just recently attended a healing retreat where I learned a specific type of meditation called “Primordial Sound Meditation“. This practice has made such a huge improvement in my daily life that I want to share a few reasons why we should all try meditation.

  1. It’s FREE!! I cannot think of anything else that can have such a huge benefit to your mind, body, and spirit that does not cost a thing other than unconditional love.
  2. Regulates blood pressure: Many studies have been done on how a daily meditation practice will lower your heart rate and blood pressure.
  3. Reduce or eliminate stress: When we allow our body & mind to be still for 10 to 30 minutes at a time our heart rate lowers, breathing becomes more natural and controlled, and we encompass our mind & body in the rest it truly deserves. I am sure you have heard by now that stress is one of the leading causes of most chronic diseases.
  4. Become less reactive and see things differently: This has been especially evident in my daily life. In the past, certain comments or attitudes would get under my skin but since I have been meditating daily those same comments or attitudes are seen differently and used in a more creative way.
  5. More focused: When we slow down the mind and allow the chaos and chatter to subside for a moment we become more focused at the times we need to be more focused.

I could talk all day about the benefits of meditation but it is really something you have to experience for yourself. You may even discover some benefits no one else has. The practice is different for everyone because we are a bio-individuals and we perceive things differently. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Give it a try today by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath for about 10 minutes.

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