A New You

Maybe you have heard the phrase “A New Year, A New You” more times than you care to mention. However,  there is a lot of truth to this phrase. In actuality, you generate a new outer organ, your skin, approximately every month. Different cells have certain life spans and when their life span is up they will be replaced with new ones; therefore, we grow new parts of our body frequently. 

Many people think in order to have a new you they have to make drastic changes to their appearance, work outs, careers, eating habits, and other things. We possibly fall into this trap because of all the media attention on New Year’s Resolutions and all of the fad diets and exercise programs that are promoted during this time of the year.

In order for positive, lasting external changes to take place we must start with some internal changes that may be fairly simple. Drinking a glass of water every morning only takes a minute or two but will significantly change the way your body feels. Breathing more through your nose and less through your mouth will help not only filter the air but increase oxygen uptake. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is another small change for which your body will be thankful. Repeating a positive affirmation everyday affects your mind, body, and soul. Sharing a smile when you pass someone on the street or in the hallway will not only make you feel good but will become contagious and make others feel good too!  We do not have to wait for another year to roll around to become new in one way or another, we can make it a daily practice.

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