Gratitude Offering

As I was walking Saturday morning I took extra notice of the trees and had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the trees. There are a plethora of tree varieties just in my neighborhood and many more throughout the world. Trees have different shapes, sizes, colors, strengths, energy, and uses.

The main reason I am so grateful for trees is because they filter the air. They give us life sustaining oxygen and absorb the carbon dioxide we discharge when we breathe. Trees are awesome homes for birds, squirrels, insects, snakes, chipmunks, and various other living creatures.

They are used to make a number of products such as boats, desks, cabinets, the planks used to build my vegetable boxes, homes, pencils, paper, sleds, picnic tables, etc. I could make a list a mile long.

As I ponder on trees and their vital importance to our existence I now understand how one would be compelled to hug a tree. 🙂 Gratefulness leads to compassion which leads to passionate action.

Express gratitude today … you do not have to hug a tree or a person. There are many ways to express gratitude … smile, treat someone to lunch, open the door for someone, play a game with a child, meditate, listen, or just say thank you.

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