You are a Narrow, Dry Creek

Bigger and better waterways are in store for you! The good thing is you are not totally dried up. 🙂

People in the Small Creek category have incorporated the following items in their daily routine in order to start moving towards becoming a River:

  • Start each day with 1-2 cups of pure water
  • Increase fresh fruits & vegetable including melons and celery
  • Reduce or eliminate the natural diuretics such as coffee, chocolate, alcohol, and soft drinks
  • Drink twice as much water if exercising and perspiring
  • Drink a cup of water before each meal to help with over eating and aid digestion

Creek people have reported huge benefits from incorporating some of these into their day such as decreased headaches and less hunger. With just a small and consistent increase in daily water consumption these individuals felt better and were well on their way to becoming Rivers and Lakes.

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