Remove the fumes forever

Have you ever felt like you have to put on a gas mask and super thick gloves to clean your bathroom?  I know that was how I felt when I was using all of the advertised cleaners that promise to clean even the toughest stains. I would hold my breath, spray this chemical stuff, open the window, and run out of the bathroom to breathe. A little later I would return to scrub and clean until I needed to get some more fresh air. I often wondered how this stuff can be good for cleaning when it makes your lungs and head hurt. The gas mask and super thick glove days are over for me! I have discovered a product that you will not find in a grocery or drug store. This company has been around for over 30 years but you don’t see commercials on TV for it because the big chemical companies want to keep us brain washed that chemicals are the only things that can get your house clean. The company is Shaklee and the product is called Basic H2. This is a super concentrated liquid that you use just a teaspoon to 16oz. of water and you have an all-purpose cleaner. An even smaller amount added to some water will make an excellent window cleaner. When using this product you get all of the clean without the chemical fumes. This company uses all natural ingredients to make their products. I have been able to clean my bathroom & kitchen without holding my breath and running outside.  What an excellent relief this discovery has been! Before I found Shaklee I was using vinegar (vinegar is a natural disinfectant) and water mixtures but then my whole house smelled of vinegar. This was better than chemical fumes but still not what you want the house to smell like when having company over. With Basic H2 there is no odor and the house smells like nothing, exactly how clean should smell! If you are looking to get away from all those chemicals try the vinegar method or find a Shaklee dealer to help you. Rest assured and breathe easy knowing you can clean without chemicals.

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