We all have numerous relationships; parents, siblings, coworkers, friends, partners, spouses, children, etc. The most important relationship, that may at times be overlooked, is the relationship we have with ourselves.

We need to have a healthy, nurturing, and positive relationship with ourselves before we can have healthy and positive relationships with others. If we don’t love and respect ourselves how can we expect others to do so? If we do not take care of our body, mind, and spirit how can we encourage others? If we cannot forgive ourselves then how can we forgive others?

Maintaining a healthy relationship with ourselves is not always easy but the more we examine and understand our needs and desires the easier it becomes.

Talk positively to yourself; instead of saying “Gee why did I do that? That was so stupid!” we can turn it around by saying, “Learning is a lifelong process and the more I live the more I learn what works and what doesn’t work for me.”

Maintaining healthy relationships is work that is well worth the effort. Benefits of positive, healthy relationships can include heightened self-confidence, improved spiritual, emotional, and physical health, and an overall enlightened well being.

So, this month let’s spend some time on relationship nurturing with our main focus on the relationship we have with ourselves. Give yourself a massage or cook something nice – you know what you like.

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