Read the ingredients on EVERYTHING. Not just food.

We can be harming our bodies when we apply a litlle deoderant. Check out this recent study:


Breast Cancer Link













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Fall in love with Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are a change of season kind of vegetable. I can always tell when I start craving sweet potatoes the seasonal crops will be changing. This little nugget from the ground is full of nutrition and it tastes great too!! This gem can be prepared in many different ways. baking, boiling, mashing, frying and I am sure the list can go on. Look on the recipes page for the sweet potato casserole I made earlier this year. I never liked these when I was younger but now I truly enjoy the texture and the flavor. Give sweet potatoes a try today.

Click here to learn More: about this awesome vegetable.

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month

We all may know someone affected by this dreadful condition. The more we know the better we can take care of ourselves. Knowledge is POWER!! Please follow this link to a great article on diabetes.


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